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Voici une nouvelle dystopique écrite par les 1ères L2 dans le cadre de l'enseignement de littérature anglaise. Cette nouvelle a été choisie par l'ensemble de la classe parmi celles proposées, et chaque mois, deux nouvelles élèves la continuent pour en faire une aventure à l'image d'un feuilleton.

The black sentry's dance

 -Good Morning, Honey, Dad says.

I love the way my Dad wakes me up, with his sweet voice. He opens the door and leaves it open like every morning, to be sure that I'm okay. I can smell the hot bread in the kitchen. I slowly open my eyes, but I still see the dark. And it's like this every day. Of my life.

I grope around me, searching for my clothes. They are on the chair, where Dad is supposed to put them. They are smooth, they smell good, they remind me of Mum's hair. Today it may be shorts and a t-shirt, I don't know what they're like, but, Dad has good clothing tastes, so they might fit well together.

When I'm clothed, I check if my clothes are in the right way. Dad will tell me if they're not, but, I can manage by myself. Everything is okay, I'm well dressed.

-It's ready Myra !
-Yes, I'm coming Dad !

I run to the kitchen. With the years, I have learn every single detail of this small house, even if I have never seen anything of it. I hear Dad put a bowl on the table, probably for me. I sit down on the chair next to me, grope around to find my bowl and the hot bread. Dad sits down in front of me. We don't talk, because there is nothing to say for the moment. When we're outside, then we'll have many things to say.

I have just finished my breakfast when someone knocks at the door.

-I'll get it, Dad !

I rush to the door and open it quickly. I'm sure it is Olliver. Always in time !

-Twenty seconds to open the door since I knocked, better than yesterday ! But I'm sure you can do faster.
-Idiot ! I say, laughing.

Olliver is the son of the Mora... Well, I don't know their surname, it's too complicated ! The Mo' family, that's how I call them. They are the family of seven o'clock, so they are just before us. With the time, they became our friends. Olliver always takes five minutes to talk with me. He leaves his house five minutes earlier than his parents so he has five minutes for me.

-Nothing special outside ? I ask.
-I saw a spaceship. And I took a cup of tea with a duck.
-Seriously ?
-Of course not !
-Describe me the weather and everything you see.
-Well, today is sunny. A little too hot for me, but I suppose it's because of my Scandinavian origins. There is no cloud, the wind blows gently through your hair and...
-And ?
-You have a ladybug in your hair.
-Is it scary ?
-Can you be scared of something you've never seen ?
-I don't know, but I'm scared of a lot of things. Describe what this ladybug looks like.
-It is very small and round. Red with black spots. It has six paws, and wings.
-I don't know how red is...
-Let me take it off, I'll explain you how red feels one day.

I feel his finger taking the ladybug off of my hair, and I feel a hand on my shoulder

-It's time Myra, we have to go.

I was expecting for Olliver's hand, but it's my Dad's. I hope Olliver can't see the disappointment on my face.

-See you this night Olly...
-Yes, beware the spaceship !

Dad takes my hand and guides me to the gate.

Olliver was right, it’s not too cold, but not too hot. It feels like summer is coming. Already one year has passed since Mum had gone. I remember, it was the same weather the day when they took her away.
We are waiting for the gate to open. I’m holding Dad’s hand, it’s a little wet, he is always a little stressed because I can’t walk very fast and he has to check if everything is working well alone. I’ve told him that, I can stay at home alone, but... Since Mum was taken, he's refused to leave me alone, he is scared of losing me, just like he lost Mum.

-This boy and you... are good friends uh?
-Olliver, his name is Olliver, Dad, and yes, we are friends. Is it a problem?
-No, of course no, honey. Just a question like this... You seem very close to him, that’s all.
-He is not my boyfriend, Dad, if you want to know the answer, we... we are just friends, he is very kind. And his parents too.
-Oh no, I wasn’t asking you this... but yeah, his parents are very nice people.

I can feel that he is embarrassed, I can’t see his face, but... yeah, I’m 16 now, and I understand that he can feel a little anxious about my relationships with boys, because, he was the first man of my life... He doesn’t have to worry about that.

-So... is there something different today Dad?
-No, nothing special, it’s quiet, that’s all.
-Well, have we almost arrived?
-Yes, almost. Oh, wait here, don’t move, there is something on the path.
-Okay, be careful.

Someday, we can find a branch on the sentry's path, or things from the past.
-Just a branch.

We continue to the next gate without speaking about boyfriends... Just about what he sees. Sometimes, I really want to see the world, it’s scary to know that everybody can see me, but I can’t see them. And, that I only know how I look by touching with my hands. I have wavy hair, high cheekbones, a small nose, luscious lips... I don’t know if I’m ugly or pretty, but... Dad always says that I’m looking like Mum.
We’re finally done and knock at the family of nine o’clock so that we can go home.


Dad made the report of this morning, I suppose he said that everything was okay, like everyday. While he did that, I listened to music. I can't read, so music is my only way to escape a little bit from our daily life.

It’s now seven pm, the clock has just rung. The Mo’ familly must have left their house. It’s time to eat, because we have to be in time. If we are late for just one minute, if we don’t do our job well, They’re going to kill Mum. So Dad and I have a very strict timetable, because we can’t be late. We are timed every moment of our life, we don't have the choice.

While we're eating, Dad watches the news on our old TV set. I just have the sound, so I imagine the wall, the people Dad might see. Well, the TV always says the same things : “You are safe here”, “Everything is perfect”, “You qre protected by the Walls”, “Nothing bad could happen to you”... What a beautiful liar. The eleven other families and us are not safe at all, we do all the dirty job. But it’s “okay”, we are not important in the society. They try to make us believe we are important FOR the society. But in reality, we are just outcasts.

-Are you ready ? Dad asks.
-Yes, we have to go ?
-In one minute, yes.
-But ?
-No, nothing. I’m ready.

It's strange. Olliver is not here as he should. Maybe he can't tonight...

Someone knocks at the door. Dad does to open, I follow him.

-Good evening.

I don't recognize the voice. It’s not Olliver’s father’s voice.

-Good evening, Dad greets back. What is it for...? We were on our way to...

-We relay the Moraczewski’ family. You can go.

What happened ? Where are they ?