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Cette nouvelle est l'oeuvre des 1L1 (de 2018-2019) et des TL1 (de 2019-2020).


Twenty-five days

In a bedroom, someone’s sleeping. It's a man, he is of average height. He is blond and has short hair, as well as a scar on his right eye and he has an unshaven beard. The walls of the room are red and there are just a bed, a clock, a tv set, and a camera on the right of the bed. It's six o'clock and the clock starts speaking.

« It's six o clock, wake up, colored Alessandro ! » the clock declares .

« Oh, I just want to sleep ! » Alessandro moans.

« Calling the police in three, two... » the clock insists.

« Ok, I'm getting up ! » he answers.

« You are late, go and watch the national movie now ! »

« Pff, again ? Ok... »

The man takes his clothes on the bed, the clothes are light brown with a « W » on the shirt and he touches the T.V screen.

At this moment the T.V turns on and says...

« It was the war... the « Big War ». North Korea and the U.S.A sent missiles on the world. The Earth was destroyed but three countries were not destroy because they had signed an agreement. The U.S.A, China and our country, England. But after the war, migrants came, and for the protection of the « Real English » the « Great President » created two classes. The « High » and the « colored ».

The migrants are the « colored », and they must wear different uniforms according to their nationality. To make a great country, the migrants must work on factories for the High.

The High are the « Real English » and have all the rights on the colored, they can steal, punch and kill them, because all the problems of the English are caused by the migrants. Goodbye and don't forget, work hard for England because England works hard for you ! »

« Pf, bunch of racists !» Alessandro exclaims

« It's six thirty am, the colored must go to work. » the clock says

« Hey, I did'nt take my breakfast ! »

« »GO TO WORK ! » the clock shouts.

While about to go to work, Alessandro looks at a box. It was his mother's but he can’t not open it. However, as he opens the door to go to work, a countdown appears on the box.

Alessandro satares at the number on the box. It reads 25.

« Twenty five days ? Before what ? »